Book List Template for Canva

Create a visually attractive list of books your students read in your class this year. Suitable for printing or sharing in school newsletters or on social media.


  • Open template in Canva.
  • Edit text to update grade level, year, and school name (add other text as desired).
  • Search for book covers on the internet and copy and paste them into the template. Resize images by dragging corners and move aroud as needed.
  • Delete unneeded placeholder images.
  • Click “Share” to download the file (PNG, JPG, PDF) or post to social media.

Revitalize your website this summer with this comprehensive checklist of essential updates:

Part 1: Content Review – Collaborate strategically with your team to thoroughly assess and optimize every section of your site.

Part 2: Technical Updates – Ensure smooth functionality by identifying critical maintenance tasks that could be easily overlooked.

Part 3: Strategy, Planning for Next Year, & Other Items – Prioritize key items and kickstart important projects for the upcoming year.

After completing this checklist, your website should be ready to impress your families when they return this fall!

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FREE Reading List Template

As the school year draws to a close, it’s a great time for teachers and students to look back at all the great books they read. This is a great way to… ✔️ Share reading lists to your school’s website

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ACCS Business Affiliate Announcement

As one of newest Business Affiliates of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), we are grateful for the opportunity to support and serve schools like yours. Our experience working with and even teaching in ACCS schools for the past

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Student Planners Are Ready to Order!

Standard Cover Custom Cover Our student planners for the 2023-24 school year are almost ready to print and will be ready for the first day of school! We are excited to offer (1) Planners customized for particular schools, complete with

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Senior Thesis Posters & Programs

Congratulations to the seniors at Cary Christian School, who are doing a PHENOMENAL job with their senior thesis presentations this year! Designing the posters and programs that advertise and celebrate the event required a few important design techniques that other schools

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PowerPoint Design Tips for Teachers

There’s a lot of great resources out there for how to create better PowerPoint presentations. For schools that value aesthetics, a compelling visual aid is an important part of effective rhetoric and good teaching. The book Presentation Zen totally transformed

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Redesigning a Graduation Program

“Homemade” is great for meals, but not graphic design. When it comes to programs for special events, many schools rely on designs put together by overloaded administrative assistants or parent volunteers. Students, parents, and grandparents often hold on to programs

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