Student Planners Are Ready to Order!

Standard Cover
Custom Cover

Our student planners for the 2023-24 school year are almost ready to print and will be ready for the first day of school!

We are excited to offer (1) Planners customized for particular schools, complete with customized covers and interior pages, and (2) A general version of the planner that can be used by any school or purchased individually.

These planners are uniquely designed for students at classical schools, featuring quotes and content that help students grow in wisdom and virtue.

Features include:

  • Weekly quotes from great authors (with an option to include verses from the Bible)

  • Simple and elegant design

  • Reference pages including the 7 Liberal Arts, the 7 Virtues, Common Logical Fallacies, the Periodic Table of the Elements, and U.S. States & Capitals

  • Sturdy binding and high-quality pages that will hold up throughout the school year

Browse a sample below and contact us for pricing information, including bulk discounts.

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Cover Durability Options
Customization Options
Select Preference for Content of Great Quotes (on Weekly & Monthly Planner Pages)
Size & Binding: 8.5×11″ (spiral-bound & hole-punched)

Standard Pages: – Class Schedule (2 pages) – Monthly Calendars (12 pages) – Weekly Planning Pages (52 pages)

Reference Pages:
– The 7 Liberal Arts
– The 7 Cardinal & Theological Virtues
– Common Logical Fallacies
– U.S. Map & List of State Capitals
– Periodic Table of the Elements
More to Be Added in 2024-25 Edition
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